Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back - Learn About the Male Thinking and Avoid These Mistakes

Published: 17th September 2009
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Do you want to win your ex boyfriend back? This is not as difficult to do as it seems. Men like a challenge. More often than not, your boyfriend broke up with you because you got too clingy, needy and decided to make him the center of your world. Men hate this. And for that matter, women aren't too thrilled about it either. The trick is to create a new challenge for him, show him that you have other interests than him but keep the lines of communication open.

You can call him, but not after you break up. Repeated calls, love letters and gifts do not work. Going to his house crying will make him feel sorry for you at best, make him call the cops at worst. You do not want to win ex boyfriend back out of pity. You want him to re-discover what he liked about you that made him your boyfriend in the first place.

You want to go back to the beginning and let him re-discover you. Not as a clingy needy person, but a woman who he once liked enough to date. The hardest thing you will ever have to do to win ex boyfriend back is to not call him.

Break off all contact. Refrain from sending messages that tell him off, using text messages to tell him off, writing him notes, etc. Create your goal and then go about achieving it using short term goals.

Short Term Goal #1 - Make another contact

Depending on how you behaved during the breakup will determine how long you have to wait to make that initial first contact. If you behaved like Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction" you have to wait awhile. At least a month. When you make another contact, just say "hi." You can tell him that you miss talking to him, but not in a needy way. But then end the conversation quickly because you are busy. This is intriguing to a man who once thought that the world rose and set with him in your eyes. Now you have other things to do. What could it be. This might prompt a phone call.

Short Term Goal #2 - Ask to see him

Do not use a feeble excuse. Come right out and ask him to have coffee. This is very non threatening to a man and just say that you would like to see him again as a friend. Refrain from using excuses like giving back items or tickets to a move, etc. Be honest - you want to see him again as a friend because you miss him. This contact should be a few weeks after the initial phone call. This one meeting, if you leave first because you "are busy" can be all it takes to win ex boyfriend back. Men tend to miss women who they liked. Women tend to forget and move on. This may jolt his memory for you.

If he calls you, talk to him but be "busy." Do not invent other boyfriends, but talk about your new interests. This will intrigue him even further. If he calls you, you are very close to the concept to win ex boyfriend back. Be confident and not needy. Do NOT ask to see him again. Men like the chase. Let him run with those instincts.

You may call one another back and forth before he asks you out. You can go if he asks you in plenty of time. Do not have sex with him. Do not throw yourself at him - you are a new person. The same girl he once loved, but more confident and with more interests than him. Follow these steps and you will have him eating out of your hand. If you want to win ex boyfriend back, this is the only way to do it.

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