Using Gifts to Get Your Ex Back

Published: 17th September 2009
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Wooing your Ex back can be tricky at best. You obviously have had problems and one or both of you may harbor hard feelings. You can try to break the ice by giving your Ex a gift, but you need to put in some thought when choosing the gift so it doesn't backfire.

When choosing the perfect gift to help get your ex back, you might want to select one that has a special meaning for just the two of you. It could be something that reminds you of your honeymoon or first date for example.

The gift does not need to be expensive. In fact, this is not the time for a lavish gift. A meaningful gift that shows you put some thought into it will get you much farther. The traditional gift of flowers is a good choice since flowers have long been linked with romantic moments.

When it comes to getting your ex back, the most important thing is to be sincere and heartfelt. After all, you are simply using the gift to get your foot in the door so you can begin communicating with your Ex and being the process of reconciliation. A gift that is meaningful and reminds your Ex of happier times will mean much more than an expensive impersonal gadget.

When trying to decide on a gift, think back on the happiest times of your relationship. Did the two of you have a wonderfully romantic weekend in New York City? Then chose a gift that shows your Ex you remember the occasion such as a snow globe with the skyline of NYC inside. As you give it to your Ex remind them of the feelings you had for each other during that special time.

Does your Ex have a special fondness? Does she like Siamese cats and collect all things Siamese? If so, you could give your Ex a stuffed Siamese or a Siamese mug. This might not be a very original idea but it shows that you are thinking of her and what she likes. Above all, a gift to get your ex back should be personal.

Would diamonds be an appropriate gift? That will depend upon the history of your relationship but the saying goes, "Diamonds are forever." A gift of diamond jewelry could send the message to your Ex that you want to get back together and stay together forever. Giving diamonds to get your Ex back might backfire on you and leave you out a good amount of money, so really consider how your Ex is likely to react to an extravagant gift at such a time.

Will giving a gift get your ex back? There are no guarantees. Every relationship is different, but if you want to get your ex back, it doesn't hurt to try.

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